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Benefits of a Divorce Coach

Creates a Nonjudgmental Partnership:

- Clients work with an unbiased advocate and experienced coach who is the client’s voice of reason and who fosters resiliency in clients through self-discovery.

- Clients acquire a professional to assist them in managing the divorce process and supporting them through the challenging events.

- Clients gain a sounding board and thinking partner.

- Clients do not feel alone and have someone on their side that they can brainstorm ideas with.

- The coach is there to celebrate the client’s successes and capabilities for future growth.

- The coach assists in educating clients about the process of divorce and how to create a strong team of professionals.

Enhances Organizational Skills:

- Coaches focus on a forward, goal-oriented, step-by-step process for each client.

- Coaches guide individuals as they sort through and organize their thoughts and paperwork.

- Coaches help clients clarify what is important in divorce and assist them in understanding and avoiding the common pitfalls.

- Coaches encourage clients to define and redefine their personal goals and devise a strategy to empower them and fulfill their desires.

Provides Emotional Support:

- Coaches prepare clients mentally for the rollercoaster of emotions that might be experienced.

- Coaches help clients develop a sense of control during a challenging time when many feel their lives are coming apart at the seams.

- Coaches create a safe, calm, and grounding place for clients during a difficult time.

- Coaches assist individuals to focus on thinking about how to solve the challenge not the challenge itself.

- Coaches encourage clients to break free from their feelings of victimhood and to show up as their best selves.

- Coaches build up strength in their clients so they are energized to move forward and take action.

Improves Communication Skills:

- Clients learn to make and express more informed and less emotional decisions.

- Coaches help to create credible and efficient clients who are more effective communicators so they can be heard and be a full participant in their divorce process.

- Coaches assist in lowering the cost of attorney fees because the client has moved beyond the story and is prepared for the business of divorce.

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