Seeking Empowerment

Never be ashamed
of what you feel.
You have the right to feel
any emotion that you want,
and to do what
makes you happy.
- Demi Lovato

Since 1993

The Rollercoaster

Divorce is one of the most intense emotional experiences you will ever go through. The process is complicated, painful, exhausting, and life changing. Divorce is a chaotic period of adjustment and redefinition. Your life can feel like it is spiraling out of control and it becomes easy to wonder if things will ever improve. It is important to begin to practice a belief that emotions and thoughts are not fixed and uncontrollable. They come and go. No emotion is off limits while going through the divorce process. Feelings are a guide, not your identity.

The path out of the emotional rollercoaster is acknowledging you don’t have to live as a hostage of your emotional pain. Your feelings of anger, fear, shame, guilt, disgust and sadness will pass. The key is to learn how to tune into your feelings. Self-awareness is your best friend. The more you learn about what upsets you, the better prepared you are to deal with it, and the easier it will be to make the necessary changes to move on with your life. Submit to the process and trust yourself. The more aware you become of the role you play in your own life the more apt you will be to create a positive momentum that will push you forward. Learn to recognize what is not working for you. Letting go of the negative emotions that accompany the divorce process is normal and necessary in order to move on.

As your divorce coach, I will partner and guide you in developing a foundation of acceptance, accountability, compassion, choice, and the creation of the next chapter in your life.