Seeking Empowerment

Trust yourself.
Create the kind of self
that you will be happy to live with
all of your life.

Make the most of you by
fanning the tiny inner
sparks of possibility
into flames of achievement.
- Golda Meir


When you are thinking about or going through a divorce, I can help you to understand what you will be facing, assist you in clarifying your options, and guide you to reach conclusions as to what is important to you and your family moving forward.

I offer a 30-minute complimentary discovery session. During this time you will have the chance to explain to me what your current situation is. This is an opportunity for us to begin getting to know each other and for you to share your greatest needs, concerns, and goals moving forward. I will listen to your issues and assess how coaching can help you. You will come away with a sense of who I am and how I can partner with you during this challenging time.

I work with clients in a number of ways. Sessions can be held:

  • - In person
  • - Over the phone
  • - Via Face time or Skype
  • - Via

It is not necessary to be in the same state in order for personal divorce coaching to be effective. Communicating in person, via phone, Face time, Skype or on allows me to work diligently with clients irrespective of where they live or are travelling.

The process of divorce encompasses many stages:

  • - Should I Stay or Should I Go? Disillusionment and Dissatisfaction
  • - Newly Separated and Deciding to Divorce. What’s next?
  • - Co-Parenting Issues: Loving Your Children More Than You Dislike Your Spouse
  • - Getting Through Your Divorce Process, Step by Step
  • - Post Divorce: Growing Acceptance, Moving On, and New Beginnings

Studies have shown that coaching is more effective if conducted over a block of sessions. At the end of your Discovery Session, we can review my fees. If you choose to work with me, we will then discuss the frequency of our sessions based on your specific concerns, needs, and goals.

Partnering with you to develop clarity, courage, confidence, and a strong sense of self throughout this process is my primary goal.