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In the middle of
difficulty lies opportunity.
- Albert Einstein

Since 1993

What are the benefits of Marital Mediation?

-Marital Mediation is facilitated by a trained Supreme Court Mediator who is a Certified Marital Mediator who is educated about the divorce process.

-It provides an opportunity to save the marriage even if other forms of alternative dispute resolutions have not been successful.

-The process is private, confidential, and client-driven.

-Marital Mediation is a short-term, forward-focused joint venture to better understand the relationship.

-It implements a pragmatic and practical approach.

-The process empowers couples to be a part of the solution, to learn new communication, negotiating, and conflict resolution skills.

-Marital mediation is goal and task-oriented.

-It focuses on the problem, not the other person which decreases the blame game and emotional avoidance allowing for more honest and open discussions.

-The process is solution-based where the couple independently sets goals and objectives together for mutual implementation.
-Marital Mediation is resolution focused.

-It encourages brainstorming options for a favored outcome.

-The process is couple driven not attorney or judge driven.

-Marital Mediation utilizes a framework by which the neutral facilitator helps discover hidden interests and opinions not realized by the couple.

-It helps the couple develop a more positive story or narrative about their relationship.