Seeking Empowerment

Sadness brings you
eye to eye
with your desires.
- Danielle Laporte


Deep sadness over the loss of your marriage is a common emotion. No one is exempt. Whether your divorce came as a surprise or it was expected, feelings of pain are common. You may feel like you have no control over your life and that you are a victim. It is an unsettling time. Your marriage is over, routines are disrupted, the stress of transition exists, and there are legal issues to be addressed. The sadness may seem insurmountable, and a void within your soul may exist. Unfortunately, your life doesn’t stop just because you are hurting. It is essential to remember that sadness isn’t permanent. Setting the intention and working hard to have a positive attitude is an important part of the emotional coping process. Moving forward needs to be your main goal. Remind yourself that you are worthy of all good things and that you deserve to be happy. Day by day your sadness will begin to lift, and you will find yourself moving on.

As your personal divorce coach, I will partner with you to overcome the emotional crisis you are in. You will explore new possibilities and participate in life changing exercises. There is a silver lining to all your sadness. You will gain wisdom, courage, and strength from having gone through this challenging experience.