Seeking Empowerment

The wonderful thing about
is that you can always make new
- Joy Sutera

Since 1993


The process of divorce requires making decisions and accepting the inevitability of change. People experience a variety of emotions during this time and often feel like their lives are out of control. Your power to choose always exists. You can become the creator of your desires. You are never really stuck. All crossroads require you to ask yourself whether you are a victim of your situation or a creator of your future. Choice is an option you have every single time something happens in your life. It is important that you make decisions that support your goals, happiness, and wellbeing. Only you have the power to choose what serves you and what defeats you. The right to react in a less emotionally disruptive way is up to you.

As your personal divorce coach, I will guide you in exercising your power of choice and help you develop skills to control your thoughts and actions so you can show up as your best self, someone who is always evolving, growing, and learning. I will partner with you in discovering who you are so you can develop confidence and trust in yourself.