Seeking Empowerment

We often allow guilt to consume us.
But we must realize that we can
start over
at any given time.
- Anonymous


Many people carry a sense of personal failure when getting divorced and internalize a sense of shame or inadequacy that is inappropriate and unhelpful. Feeling guilt, shame, or regret are common emotions experienced at the end of a marriage. If you are like most people, you took your marriage vows seriously. You believed you would be married forever. As time passed, things changed. Allowing feelings of guilt, shame, or regret to rent space in your brain decreases your self worth and energy. These feelings have the tendency to entrap you, which limit your ability to function in a healthy way and keep you from moving forward. Guilt is not the truth. It is just a feeling. Getting divorced is not necessarily bad, good, right, or wrong. The process is whatever you make it. You are much more than your divorce.

As your personal coach, I will be the objective listener who will support you in breaking free from the sense of guilt, shame, or regret that imprisons your mind. Having an objective listener on your side can be the difference between stagnation and personal growth.