Seeking Empowerment

It always
seems impossible
until it is done.
-Nelson Mandela

Since 1993

The Overwhelm

For many people, divorce is a time of tremendous stress, disruption, anger, chaos, uncertainty, guilt, and self-doubt. Coming face-to-face with all of the different ways divorce disrupts your life is a lot to take in. It can feel like you are drowning in a sea of never ending challenges and responsibilities. The process itself can be an emotional rollercoaster. Many are overcome with paralyzing despair and feel stuck. When people become angry and emotional, the part of their brain that is associated with being reasonable and communicating effectively shuts down. When this happens, people do not realize that their abilities to process and make clear-headed decisions get hindered. Their judgment and ability to problem solve is negatively affected. The path back to emotional stability isn’t instantaneous. There are many life decisions to be decided that many loose track of what is really important.

As your personal divorce coach, I can assist you in developing specific actions over time that will change how you interpret and respond to situations during the divorce process.