Seeking Empowerment

Life is not so simple.
There are many futures.
The life of a single person
is like a great tree:
every branch, every twig, every leaf
is a possible future.
- David Gemmell

Embracing the Single Life

After divorce, it can feel like you have been stripped of your identity and the world as you know it. The dissolution of your marriage is not the end of your life. It is just a detour. When you have mourned and grieved properly for the end of your marriage, letting go and moving on will become more bearable and realistic. Your new status will feel like the natural way to move forward, and you will begin to embrace your life as a single person. This stage will be the beginning of a new journey towards finding personal fulfillment and happiness. Take this time as an opportunity to learn valuable lessons and to improve yourself. Nurture what you are grateful for, give time to your children and other loved ones, reconnect with family and friends, explore new possibilities, and reinvest in yourself.

As your personal coach, I will support you through the transition of being married to being single. You will be guided to explore many different paths so that you can create a life for yourself that is happy and fulfilling.