Seeking Empowerment

What you deny or ignore, you delay.
What you accept and face,
you conquer.
- Robert Tew


Denial is an emotional buffer that many individuals experience during and at the end of a marriage. It is a natural defense mechanism your psyche has to protect you from becoming emotionally overwhelmed. Denial is usually the first reaction individuals have when divorce is discussed. Everything can feel surreal and hard to accept during this time. There is a certain numbness, disbelief, and emotional shock that occurs. It is normal to try and convince yourself that the thought of divorce is temporary, your partner is still in love with you, your spouse will come back to you in the end, your children will keep you together, and that the spark in your marriage can be reignited. It is common during this period for individuals to go on with daily life as if nothing major is happening and to avoid talking to close friends and family about the impending divorce. Many want to escape the reality and the emotional pain by not acknowledging the actuality of the demise of the marriage. It is important to remember that denial is temporary and that you will need to push yourself to face the reality of your divorce.

As your personal divorce coach, I will partner with you to acquire skills necessary to avoid emotionally driven decisions which are usually not sound ones. You will also be assisted in developing goals for redefining your life during this major transition.