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You can't start the next
chapter of your life
if you keep re-reading
the last one.
- Ardy Cabornay

Since 1993

Divorce Coach Vs. Therapist

Many individuals contemplating divorce feel overwhelmed and stuck. During this time of transition, it is beneficial to have professional help supporting you through the dissolution of your marriage. There is confusion about divorce coaching and how it differs from therapy.

It is a therapist’s job to help people identify and resolve difficulties stemming from their past. Therapists use a process-oriented approach to help identify patterns of thought and behavior that hold individuals back. They encourage people to work towards emotional resolutions to past problems in order to move forward. The main focus is on feelings within a framework of psychological and emotional issues. Therapy assumes patients need healing and seeks to provide a path. It helps to identify the personal challenges people are feeling as a result of divorce and will help to determine what past experiences created these issues.

The objective of a divorce coach is to walk clients through the practicalities of divorce and propel them into the next steps necessary to move in the direction of their desired outcomes. Coaching is goal-oriented and future focused. Its focal point is on present actions and desires. The process seeks to identify needs and interests in relation to how to move forward while building on client strengths. The goal is to guide clients through the practical steps of the dissolution of a marriage efficiently.

Divorce coaching clients will learn tools to compartmentalize their emotions to make sound legal and financial decisions. They will also gain skills to attack their fears of the unknown so that they can have clarity on where they are and where they want to go.