Seeking Empowerment

There's nothing quite
as intense as the
moment of clarity
when you suddenly see
what's really possible for you.
- Christine Kane


Many people live in a cycle of decision and indecision before they get the clarity that is needed to step toward what they want. People often deny, minimize, or rationalize the reasons for the end of their marriage. It is important to understand that everyone who goes through divorce is vulnerable and conflicted in some way. Recognizing the conflict and owning the different parts you will be struggling with at various times, is part of the process. There are many important decisions to be made, and it is challenging to problem solve and think clearly while overwhelmed with emotions. Taking a step back in the process and looking at the situation from a distance has proven to be extremely effective. Clarity requires you to be objective and detached enough to see reality as it is without judgment. Fostering your truth will make it easier to take effective action.

As your personal coach, I will assist you in gaining the clarity and confidence needed for you to negotiate for your future from a position of strength, understanding, and respect.