Seeking Empowerment

The present moment
is the only moment
available to us, and it
is the door to all moments.
- Thich Nhat Hanh

Since 1993


Mindfulness is a way of observing what is going on in life from a more objective and relaxed point of view. The practice requires a hyper alert awareness of the present moment and to what is occurring in the here and now. It is like a muscle that needs to be strengthened through consistent training. Mindfulness allows the human spirit the time and space to consider various options in a more balanced and open-minded way. Many individuals focus on their breath to create a more alert and calm state. The breath is an anchor and is patiently waiting for you. It is the one tool that is always with you to help enhance your practice. The goal of mindfulness is to simply monitor your emotions and thoughts as they occur with no judgment. Staying in the moment, keeps the situation in perspective so one can choose words, thoughts, feelings, and actions more rationally and therefore effectively. People cannot heal what they don’t allow themselves to feel. Whatever comes up, focus on dealing with it with warm acceptance.

As your divorce coach, I will guide you in acquiring the skills needed to practice mindfulness so that you can optimize your focus, attention, and performance personally and professionally.