Seeking Empowerment

You will be fine.
Feeling unsure and lost
is part of your path.
Don't avoid it.
See what those feelings
are showing you and use it.
Take a deep breath.
You'll be okay even if you
don't feel okay all of the time.
- Louis C.K.


The dissolution of your marriage can be lonely, isolating, and scary. Loneliness hurts and requires soothing. It is okay to have these feelings when the spouse you shared your life with is no longer part of your daily routine. The only way through this emotion is to acknowledge and accept the fact that loneliness is a natural part of the divorce process. It is important to recognize that you can end your loneliness. Begin by feeling a sense of belonging to yourself. It is possible to achieve feeling complete, whole, and cared for by nurturing a relationship with yourself. Being alone is a situation and doesn’t mean being lonely. This conscious mindset presents a space for you to heal and start over on your own terms. During this period set the intention to show kindness to yourself and to be proactive about taking your life back. Allowing yourself time to breathe will create an opportunity for you to discover what brings out the best in you and what makes you happy. Being open to all the wonderful things your life has to offer and acknowledging your chance to explore them is the antidote to loneliness.

As your personal divorce coach, I will assist you in acquiring the skills necessary to feel comfortable being alone during the divorce process. This empowering period of discovery will foster reflection, peace, self-confidence, and inner strength.