Seeking Empowerment

Everything that has a beginning
has an ending.
Make peace with that and
all will be well.
- Buddha

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

-The process is confidential, private, and conducted behind closed doors with no public record of what goes on in the sessions.

-It has the greatest potential to minimize the negative and destructive consequences of a divorce.

-Other professionals can be involved (attorneys, financial advisors, therapists, and divorce coaches) who are qualified to best help map out a resolution that supports the goals.

-The process supports a cooperative, rather than competitive, process for reaching decisions.

-It promotes better relationships through cooperative problem solving and improved communication skills.

-Most end in a settlement of all of the issues.

-The process enables couples to dissolve their marriage using an interest-based approach while remaining in control of the process. The couple, not the court, can control the process with an impartial facilitator.

-It allows the parties to decide for themselves instead of other professionals which settlement provisions best meets the needs of the whole family unit in the present and future.

-The process encourages creative resolutions to be reached.

-It encourages couples to arrive at a resolution based on their own ideas of what is fair, rather than having a solution imposed based on rigid and impersonal legal principles.

-The process is less expensive than other alternatives to the divorce dissolution processes.

-It focuses on the children as the primary goal instead of a litigious process that can keep parents in high conflict.
-The process can improve communication between the couple which helps to avoid future conflicts.

-It can save legal fees because it often takes less time than matters that proceed in court.

-The process discourages the escalation of anger, which leads to actions destructive to all family members and delays the dissolution of the marriage

-It can save legal fees because it often takes less time than matters that proceed in court.