Seeking Empowerment

At any given moment
you have the power to say:
This is not how the
story is going to end.
- Christine Mason Miller

Since 1993


Divorce is hard. There are many decisions to be made when a marriage is ending. It is normal to feel like there is a crosscurrent between grief and hope. You can make a monumental difference in the outcome of the dissolution of your marriage by taking control of how you handle it, perceive it, and engage in it. Participating in the process minimizes stress and fear and enhances confidence, strength, and independence. Taking charge of your life, knowing and owning your power without giving it away helps you to identify your issues. Being proactive also helps you set goals, gather information, and assess options in order to make informed decisions.

As your personal divorce coach, I will teach you the skills necessary to successfully engage in the divorce process and to take charge in a manner consistent with your core values. I will partner with you to assume personal power and to respond mindfully and purposefully to life’s circumstances.