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The journey of a
thousand miles begins with
a single step.
- Lao Tzu

What is a Divorce Coach?

In 2013, the American Bar Association added Divorce Coaching to a list of alternative dispute resolutions and described the profession as the fourth element of the divorce process. Divorce Coaches partner with clients, who are caught in the emotional roller-coaster, to make the best possible decisions while taking the high road. Studies show that when individuals are in turmoil, they are not able to access their logic and problem solving abilities in the same way that they would on a calm, normal day. Overwhelm leads to costly emotional and financial mistakes in divorce, which have long-term consequences for all parties involved. Divorce Coaches help clients become aware of how their mindset creates obstacles and how they have the power of choice to break down challenges. They guide their clients in a forward focused path encouraging them to honor their truth through self-discovery while navigating through the process. Divorce coaches prepare their clients, one step at a time, to turn the story of divorce into the business of divorce and end up saving them money. They assist in building up their client’s resiliency to turbulence and to negotiate for their future implementing conscious thought and intentional decision-making skills. The goal is to help clients show up as their best selves, navigate efficiently through the process, gain insight, and create a life vision for themselves based on specific intentions.

Clients will overcome!

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